Villa marsi tafel met wijnglazen
Villa Marsi badkamer Roma

F**k IT Retreats 2019

John & Gaia have been running Fuck It Retreats in Italy for 14 years.
They wrote the international bestselling Fuck It / F**k It books.
They live with their sons near the beach in Italy –
spending their time walking on the beach and helping people around the world find freedom through a brilliant profanity.




F**k It Be You – ‘Restart’ – The Hill That Breathes [Villa Marsi] Italy

Most of us don’t get the best start to life. For a variety of reasons, we end up feeling not wanted, not worthy and maybe the odd one out.



Gaia is F**k It personified.
Just hanging out with Gaia takes you to a different place. Having created the whole F**k It thing (with John) 14 years ago,
Gaia IS F**k It.

And you can’t help but get it when you’re with her.
We use the word ‘magic’ around Gaia too because that’s how people describe her and her work. (And Gaia has A LOT of people following her from one place to another, doing one retreat after another).

Gaia is a therapist with huge experience – having deep training in developmental trauma work (NARM), Somatic Experiencing, energy work, breathwork, voice dialogue and hypnotherapy.  In her magic way, she creates space for true feelings, full life-force and personal truth. She brings to this process her work with trauma, with relational attachment and with energy, so that you have the chance to permanently shift self-limiting perceptions and beliefs and relax into a true sense of okayness.



F**k It Be You – ‘Fear to Love’ – The Hill That Breathes [Villa Marsi] Italy



Villa Marsi [the hill that breathes]


In a Nutshell:

Saying ‘F**k It’ and learning how to be fully yourself in your life is a healing and liberating journey,
and one that Gaia takes people through in all her ‘F**k It Be You’ teaching.

But how does that journey work when you’re in a relationship with someone? 
How can you be more yourself, when you’re travelling on your journey alongside someone else?

You’ll find out on this retreat.
And it changes everything.

Dear Sander and Christina,

It's Alok here, just writing to say how grateful both me and Fiona were for all your kindness, patience and hospitality for the whole week. We had such a good time, enjoying such lovely food and friendship. We will definitely recommend your place to all our friends, and I very much hope that we will meet again.

Take care, with best wishes and warm hugs.

Alok and Fiona xx

Villa Marsi:

Prachtige omgeving, veel mogelijkheden tot wandelen, heerlijk zwembad, geweldige, verse maaltijden en vooral veel rust en stilte. Villa Marsi - dat zowel geschikt is voor individueel als voor groepsverblijf - ligt vlakbij Urbino, een middeleeuwse studentenstad die zeker het bezoek waard is. Ik heb er genoten!

Marianne Storm